Seniors 2019
Congratulations 2019 Seniors!

I am so very proud of each of you. I have watched you grow and mold into fine young adults. My
job is so bittersweet because I get to work with you all for years, share in your failures and
successes, watch you become even more amazing people than when you began, and then I get to
help send you off into the world. I have the privilege of watching each of you become successful in
your various fields of interest. It is an amazing feeling to know that I got to be even a punctuation
mark on the pages of your lives.

Going forward, always know that you are worthy. You are worthy of good friends and
unconditional love. You are worthy of all of the praise that you receive and more. You are even
worthy of the constructive criticisms of others (and there will be some). Don't worry. You can
handle those, but only with intelligence, class and a little grace. Always ask questions when you are
confused. Always ask for help when you lose your way. Always be kind and always do the right
thing. Always know that you have a home at Corner Theatre Academy. We will always be here to
welcome you, to encourage you, to pick you up when you fall, to celebrate in your successes, and
to help you navigate through any failures.

Whatever path you may choose, know that it is your path. No one can take that or change it.
Only you can choose and revise your path as you desire. Know what you expect and never settle.
Keep your integrity in the fiercest of ways. Rise and speak up for those who may not be able to
speak for themselves. Be grateful in every situation and always take the lesson that may be
necessary with that appreciation. Keep that true servant's heart that I see in you daily.

I know, without any doubt, that you all will go out into the world and do great things. I hope that
all of you keep a positive outlook and an active moral compass. I know each of you. I know your
hearts, your dreams, your doubts, your struggles. Don't let those define you. Find out who you are
and be true to yourself and those priorities. Discover your true purpose and achieve it! Each of
you has so many truly talented and unique gifts. Don't waste them. Seize the day, every day!
Choose to do something you love and love doing it daily. I wish with all my heart that all of your
dreams come true. I will miss each of you and remember that you always have a place here.

See you at the next show!

Megan Garner
Corner Theatre Academy    
Emily Allred
Emily is a senior and has been apart of CTA for three
years. She has participated in six shows including: acting
The Little Mermaid, High School Musical, The Yellow
, and Grease. She was run crew in The Great
, and student director for Roald Dahl's Willy
. She does our headshots and photo shoots for all
current CTA shows. She works very hard for Corner
Theatre Academy and is willing to go the extra mile in
everything she does. Emily placed 3rd in State this year
for her performance in Female Contemporary Solo
Comedic IE and received a superior in her
Dramatic/Comedic event at ATF. She plans to attend
Bevill State Community College after high school and
continue her education to pursue a career in teaching.
Tyler Lowe
Tyler has been a proud member of CTA since 2017, his junior
year. He has performed in
The Great Gatsby, These Shining
, Mary Poppins, The Yellow Boat, Roald Dahl’s Willy Wonka,
Grease. Tyler has done tech for Mary Poppins, High School
, and The Yellow Boat. Tyler has joined the United States
Army Reserves and will ship out for basic and advanced training
at Fort Leonard Wood on August 20th. After he is done, he plans
to pursue a bachelor's degree in World Trade and Language
while taking part in an ROTC program and then obtain his law
degree which will subsequently allow him to be an army JAG.
Madison Mickle
Madison is a senior at Corner High
School and has been a part of CTA for
three years in productions such as
The Little Mermaid, 9 to 5, These
Shining Lives
, Mary Poppins, High
School Musical
, The Yellow Boat,
Grease, and many more. She has
acted and helped with run crew. She
has received all star cast in her roles
These Shining Lives and The Yellow
. She plans to attend Wallace
State Community College and major in
sonography. She is hard working and
continues to strive to be the best she
can be.
Leanna Lake
Leanna has been an actress for four
years. Her first show was
Annie where
she played Pepper. During
Leanna found her love for theatre. In
her Junior year, she was handed the
opportunity to stage manage and fell in
love with the technical side of theatre.
Leanna is also a Student Thespian
Officer for our state for Alabama
Thespian. Her senior year, she was
also voted Fundraising Adviser for
CTA's Thespian Troupe #6639.
David Lake
David began his journey in CTA as a musical director for
Madagascar Jr. He then continued with The Great Gatsby, Mary
, and These Shining Lives in both run crew, acting, and
technical theatre. David takes all AP courses and is a band
student. David is only available to do shows in the spring because
of his commitment to the CHS band. He has grown close to
everyone at CTA. After graduation, David plans to leave on July
23rd for basic training and then specialized training in San
Antonio. Once he returns, he will attend Auburn University,
majoring in computer science.
Grant Rollins
Grant has been apart of and involved
in seven of CTA's shows as either
actor, musical director, run crew, or all
three. Grant plans to pursue a degree
in computer engineering at Auburn
University and continue into their
graduate program.  
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